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Why Maps and the City?
This blog is all about Maps (love) and the City (life): maps, art, photography, architecture, city vibes, expositions, urban planning, cartography, the works. You can also follow Maps and the City on Twitter to see the latest. Or become a fan on the Facebook page.

Who’s that map girl?
My name is Marleen Smit, a Amsterdam based map historian (specialty: 19th century cartoon maps of Europe). I am an editor for the magazine Caert-Thresoor, publish articles and do lectures on the history of cartography. Besides that I go crazy about map inspired design, fashion, art, gadgets, you name it. Reach me here: marleen [at] mapsandthecity.com, or on Twitter or Facebook. I am happy to anwer your questions and/or hear your suggestions!

Marleen Smit Maps and the City


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